The Drone Co. Raleigh
Raleigh, NC

Laura, Owner and Photographer


First Impressions Count.  

With all the possible ways to view properties readily available to the public,

Why wouldn’t you want your property to look its very best?

Professional photos used in marketing property generate more traffic.  

Let’s face it, properties don’t sell without showings.


“Officially, my job is to take marketing pictures of properties. But, really, I influence viewers to contact my client through beautifully crafted photographs. Basically, it’s all about emotionally connecting people to a house so that they want to make it their home.”

I am passionate about creating the best photographs to show off the unique personality of every property.  I will take the time to decide how much of the space to capture in a photograph and then find the right angles, heights and lighting to make it look its very best. I do this through use of a wide angle lens and small flashes strategically placed throughout the space for natural looking lighting.  By doing this, I can create photos that show off that wonderful view along with a bright interior.  The finishing touches are added in post processing – making sure the view is not tilted horizontally or vertically, colors are accurate, and shadows are reduced or eliminated. In addition, further editing can be done to eliminate temporary signage, add fire to fireplaces or fire pits, screen valuable items such as artwork, and visuals added to televisions. The results are light, spacious-feeling photographs.

My study of property photography started in 2014 after realizing how much it can drive purchase decisions.  While shopping for a home as a buyer, I found extreme variation in the quality of photography for each listing.   I know that it was a factor in the decision-making on which property to go look at as well as shaping my impression of the listing agent representing the property.  In the end, this lead to great appreciation of a well photographed property.   I hope to convince all marketers of property that incorporating great photos are the best way to market one of the most expensive decisions made today.

My home shopping experience is a fresh one as we relocated to North Carolina from the Midwest in June 2015.  I spent my time prior to the move learning about the best ways to photograph spaces, gathering my equipment and photographing properties for my portfolio.  I  found that my prior experience using Photoshop as yearbook advisor applicable to editing property photos.  The self-discipline, multi-tasking, communication and organization skills that I honed as a teacher will no doubt assist me in my business ahead.  In October 2015, ShowSpaces Photography LLC was formed to turn this passion into a real business.  Property photography is all I do.  I don’t have a side business in wedding or portrait photography.  This means my energy is dedicated to making properties look their best!  When I’m not out engaged with this business, I enjoy spending time with my amazing husband, two brilliant children, and our silly dog.    We look forward to exploring the area and getting to know others here including new clients.  I hope the next person I get to meet is you!