The Drone Co. Raleigh
Raleigh, NC

Does The Drone Co. Raleigh offer editing of drone footage and post production?

Absolutely. We offer editing and design services as well as the ability to output to any media desired (YouTube, DVD, Vimeo, Facebook etc.). Any motion animation and titling you might need for your video is also something we offer along with design services for a complete DVD package.

How much does aerial filming and photography services cost?

This depends on the needs of the project. Typically there will be an hourly rate for the aerial shooting as the procedure for flying a drone requires that a pilot and another team member be on-site for safety and assistance purposes. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation, we look forward to working with you!

How do you deliver the aerial photos and video files?

Depending on our agreement we can either give you the SD cards, transfer the files to a portable drive or transfer the files to a Dropbox account.

Do you provide stock footage?

Yes. Our stock footage library is growing every day.

Do you offer post-production services?

Yes, we offer editing, color correction and grading for the footage we shoot.

How long can you fly and film?

Depending on the camera package flight times vary from 6-20 minutes.  Our teams travel with enough batteries and fully portable charging stations to allow for near constant filming if required.

Do you have aerial insurance?

Yes, we carry insurance specific to drone based aerial filming operations.  We can add companies as “additionally insured” as required.

Can you fly over a crowd?

Drones or UAVs are not permitted to fly over the public ever!  However it is possible to make it appear that you are flying over a crowd with careful lens selection and camera angles. We can fly over anyone who has given us written permission to do so. 

Where do you offer your services?

We are based in Raleigh, NC and operate throughout all of North Carolina.  For the right project we will travel anywhere in the world where it is legal to fly and film.

What weather can you fly in?

We can fly in winds up to 20mph but less wind makes for a more steady shot.  We cannot fly in the rain. 

How high can you fly?

We can legally fly up to 400' AGL (Above Ground Level).

How fast can you fly?

Our standard fleet of camera drones can fly at speeds up to 45mph. 

What safety considerations are there?

Our team is adamant about safety and takes all concerns very seriously for every operation. If we feel it is unsafe to proceed with an operation it will be rescheduled or relocated. With a range of experience flying remote equipment, we can visualize the potential of what can go wrong so we always ensure to take extensive precautions. Prior to all operations, those involved will be briefed on topics including but not limited to:

  • Flight patterns

  • Flight times

  • Flight durations

  • Weather/Winds

  • Classification of airspace

  • Take off and landing procedures

  • Maintaining safety zones

  • Critical waypoints

  • Emergency site pads

We require safety meetings with cast and crew prior to flight. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Crowd safety (preventing those who are not associated with the project from interfering)

  • Stunt person/talent safety

  • Safety for alternate camera and support personnel